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Maternity Session Guide

How exciting! You finally took the plunge and booked a boudoir! You’re a bad ass already. Enjoy every second. It’s important to me that you are very involved in your session. It should reflect who you are as a person, even if you’re still discovering who that person is. There is nothing I take more seriously than your session, as you’re entrusting me with yourself. I respect your vulnerability and your comfort and ease is of utmost importance to everyone on my team.

(I know this is a lot to read, but if you follow these tips, you will look like a rock star!)


Try to get a lot of REST the night before your shoot. Don’t stress over it; trust me - we’re going to have a great time together! If you are getting early AM shots, I suggest applying cold compresses to your eye area for a few minutes before your makeup to reduce puffiness. Make sure you EAT before your session so you’re not hangry. We will have snacks there, too. If you are bringing family or friends to your session, feed them, too! And be sure they’re aware we could be photographing for up to a couple of hours (depending on your package)



AVOID SUNBURN! Not only is it bad for you, but it is bad for your session. Red or peeling skin is not a good accessory!


Your hands will be showing in many of your photos. Be sure that if your nails are painted, the polish is not chipped. Please choose a neutral color. Same applies to toenails if you are wearing open-toed shoes. We might do some bare-feet shots also, so make sure your feet look their best!

Scars/Birth marks/Severe acne - Scars/birth marks will be removed only at your request. Please tell me at the time of your session what your preference is (located in the questionnaire portion, as well) . Severe acne may require extensive retouching. If extensive retouching is necessary, it will not be done on proofs, but will be done on the prints that you order, at your request. Basic retouching is included in your package, but extensive retouching requires an additional fee.


What do I wear? Do you supply the outfits for my session?

I have a general rule that I follow and it is this... “If it goes up your butt, I don’t supply it” I’ve found most people are not comfortable wearing super personal clothing items such as bodysuits, underwear, etc. I have an array of nighties(silk and lace), skirts, robes, a set of wings, dresses, assorted props and some bras that all clients are welcome to use. They are washed/dry cleaned after each event, sanitized between each use. I will include pictures of what is in my client closet. I also order new things on a regular basis and update those on the private boudoir page FB: @Just Be Beauty & Boudoir

Try your clothing on in advance to be sure it fits comfortably and is flattering. Bend over, sit down, etc. and make sure that you’re able to do such movements.

Please wear loose fitting clothing to the session. Waistbands and tight tops/bras leave marks on your skin and takes more time to edit your images

Bring whatever makes you feel comfortable/sexy, all of it, we'll figure out the rest Make sure each piece of clothing is clean and wrinkle-free.

Show as little or much as you want. There is no right or wrong. There is no too much or too little.

Some like to incorporate things close or memorable to them and I absolutely encourage that! This is about YOU!

Some examples would be:

  • Wedding and/or engagement rings, bridal garter, veil, special jewelry, sports jerseys, career related items/props, military hats/items that are special to your life or even a special shirt, piece of clothing (tie, dress socks with button down dress shirt, favorite tshirt with knee high fashion socks/leg warmers) or item of your significant other.

  • On the flip side, if this is something being done as a rebirth, please bring something to signify growth on your new path (let’s burn some ex memories ladies)

Suggested items to bring:

  • A pair of stockings, fish nets or thigh-highs,

  • At least one pair of heels,

  • Corsets and/or lingerie

  • A matching set of bra and panties, in black and/or nude/white bold pieces of jewelry

  • Hair accessories

  • Everyday clothing can be cute too, such as a nice bra and a pair of nice fitting jeans. Oversized stretchy sweaters, your SO’s shirt and tank tops paired with boy/booty shorts can make for great wardrobe selections, as well.

  • I suggest bringing a robe, especially if having your hair and makeup done on site. we'll have a complimentary beverage and snacks but feel free to bring your own to relax (please, plan ahead, if you're intoxicated we won't let you drive)

  • Bring a friend or two to calm your nerves and keep you laughing with us but Ladies only please!


Some Other Tips:

  • Hydrate well and lotion days before.

  • If you are coming for hair and makeup, please come with a bare, clean face and clean, dry hair ready to be styled.

  • If you’re getting a spray tan, please do so more than 2 days before your session.

I don’t know how to pose, I feel awkward. My session will come out awful, why did I even schedule this?

Self doubt is a real bitch. We all have it. But you booked your session because something inside you compelled you to. Something inside of you has been telling you forever that you would love to do one. THAT’S why. Stop doubting yourself. We don’t walk runways for VS but I promise you those models PRACTICE. So, get in that mirror ladies. Sounds silly but it’s really not. Anything you want to do in life, takes practice. Want to slay your session? Get comfortable in some of the most beautiful poses a woman can do!

Below is a link to my boudoir portfolio so you can see some of the poses I have worked with. I’m also including some other links for you to check out. These boudoir photographers are amazing and really are inspiration to me, as an artist. Like everything in life, you get back what you put in. Take a little while, invest an hour in yourself and your session preparing to knock my socks off 😍 No one expects you to show up and stand there and know what to do. But when my crazy self starts prancing around you, you’ll be more comfortable with my prompts.


Which leads me to my prompts. I’m super interactive. We talk. We laugh. My camera lens flirts with your fine self. And I am known to throw MAJOR hype to all my ladies because I’m in awe of your bad ass, empowering selves. You will always hear me say
“Smell your shoulder”

“Pop that booty and hip, girl”
“Point those toes”
“Dig Deep and arch that back”
“Hey girl. Come here often?” -> Usually said while I am in a compromising position “Make that triangle with your arm”

“Hug yourself. But sensually”
“Look at me like you’re hungry”
“Wash your hair with one hand”
“Whip your hair” Listen i loooove a good hair flip. There’s a few different way, head down, flip up or simply tossing your hair off one shoulder and turning around.

Among other things. You’ll know ‘em when you hear ‘em lol But trust in my process. I may act or sound like a loon sometimes, and I assure you that I am, but there’s a true method to my madness. My ideas and inspiration come hard and fast. My ideas. Mind out of the gutter ladies. Speaking of mind in the gutter....

I do have some interest in some lifestyle/fetish type props. By lifestyle/fetish I’m referring to collars, ropes and chains. If you are interested in exploring some shots utilizing any of these, please let me know in the questionnaire.​ (some of my available client closet items) (not my images, shared with permission)

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